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Best Way To Use Creamers & Coffee Additives

Creamers, Milk, Sugars and other coffee additives. Although there are a good number of people who take their coffee "black" or with nothing added the majority of people add something to their daily caffeine ritual. We won't be discussing which is better to use for health or dietary issues but rather what does it do to your drink.

Adding a sweetener like sugar or a sugar substitute will of course make your java sweeter, but at what cost to the roasts original flavor profile? Anything you add to your brew (including the type of water you use to brew your coffee) will change the original roast profile that the roaster originally intended. Brewing the same coffee and using a natural sugar in one, Sweet n' Low in another and say Stevia in one will all "sweeten" the taste of the coffee but can change the taste profile with an after taste or dull a characteristic of the coffee. Experiment and see which one and how much you may really enjoy with our premium coffees.

Milk or creamer? Either will add a "lighter" and "creamier" taste to the coffee but also change the taste profile or a characteristic of the coffee. A benefit of adding milk or creamer though to our flavored coffees is that it can actually help enhance the flavor of that coffee. It can help bring that coconut, bourbon or s'mores to a more pronounced flavor as long as you don't over use the creamer.

So what does this all mean? All our coffees are produced using premium grade beans and our flavored coffees are lightly flavored so it won't smack you in the face and can be enjoyed without any additional additives. Our advice when we get asked how to make a great cup of our coffee? Make it first how you normally would enjoy it. Is it overly sweet or too milky? You may have been overcompensating for poor coffee by adding too much.

Even if it's not overly sweet/creamy, try adding less of one or both and see how that changes you coffee experience. You may find you palate changes and enjoying more of the finer nuances like the nuttiness, floral or chocolate hints that we blend into our roasts. We often say "There's an adventure in every bag" and that not only pertains to our incredible roasts and art/story in each bag but also the adventure of the coffee drinking experience. So go ahead and explore with your additives, even if you do normally take your coffee black!

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