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How To Make Coffee Ice Pops

Here's a fun little treat to cool off with on those warm spring and summer days.
Keep these easy to make Coffee Ice Pops in the fridge and pop one out anytime you need a cold caffeine fix!

What you'll need:

1) You're favorite Expedition Roasters coffee or coffees to make a variety.
2) Coffee additives like milk, cream or sugars.
3) Ice Pop molds. We found this ice pop tray at the local dollar store but any style will do.

How to make them:

1) Brew your Expedition Roasters coffee in whatever brewing method you normally do. We made a variety of flavored roasts so the Keurig worked well since we only needed a small amount for each ice pop.
2) Make your cup of coffee with whatever creams or sugar you normally would.
3) Pour into the pop mold/tray. After making the cup of coffee we poured it into a measuring cup to make it easier to pour into the molds especially since we were making each one a different flavor and didn't want it to drip into other mold chambers.
4) Insert either the cap/stick that came with the mold or the popsicle wooden stick if it's that type of mold. 

Tip: Write the coffee roast/flavor on the wooden stick if you're making more than one type of coffee. A marker can also be used on most molds for labeling as they usually wipe right off.

5) Insert your filled molds into the freezer for a few hours.
6) When frozen, take out and enjoy this special treat!


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