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Brew Your Happy Place®

Expedition Roasters are the originator of what we call Themed Coffees™ & Teas. Using premium coffee beans roasted by our artisan Roast Master and premium whole leaf teas while combining a passion for art & story to bring you an experience like no one else. There truly is an adventure in every bag.

Our Story

Since 2014 when we started our small online specialty coffee shop to provide not only outstanding coffee and unmatched customer service, but also to create the next big thing in coffee by doing something that hadn't been done before. By combining our premium hand crafted coffees with art and story we pioneered what we call Themed Coffees™. Read More

Want to add a kick to your grilling, baking or even vegan dishes?
Our all purpose coffee rub will leave you and your guest going for seconds!

We originally created this rub for grilling our steaks, burgers, pork chops and chicken, but have found it works great for vegetable kebabs or veggie burgers too!
We've also used it to bake or pan fry when grilling isn't an option so experiment with your cooking and let us know how you use it.

Here's a fun little treat to cool off with on those warm spring and summer days.
Keep these easy to make Coffee Ice Pops in the fridge and pop one out anytime you need a cold caffeine fix!

What you'll need:

1) You're favorite Expedition Roasters coffee or coffees to make a variety.
2) Coffee additives like milk, cream or sugars.
3) Ice Pop molds. We found this ice pop tray at the local dollar store but any style will do.

Creamers, Milk, Sugars and other coffee additives. Although there are a good number of people who take their coffee "black" or with nothing added the majority of people add something to their daily caffeine ritual. We won't be discussing which is better to use for health or dietary issues but rather what does it do to your drink.

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