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  • Have you ever been twitter-pated over the delicious smell of a freshly-opened bag of coffee?! Well, you will be when you order this Darkside Roast. Wow! Thanks, Expedition Roasters, for yet another addicting flavor!

    Carly Frost

  • Drinking this coffee is the best part of waking up in the mornings! The flavors are amazing! Nice coffee taste with a hint of the flavor that’s on the bag. Love the airtwork on the bags! I don’t have the heart to throw them out when they’re empty!

    Rebecca Cameron

  • We are OBSESSED with this blend. The perfect amount of flavor without masking the deliciously roasted coffe.

    Angeline del Valle

  • Probably the best tasting coffee I have ever had. Just smooth and delicious.

    Christine Como

  • I’m super impressed with my first order! I picked Skipper’s Brew because I wanted to try something totally new & completely different. I really love the taste of the coffee! It’s not too overwhelming with banana flavor, but you definitely get the taste of it. I will definitely be trying more of their flavors.

    Laura Crain

  • My husband and I both adore this coffee, definitely our favorite of all the flavored coffees Expedition Roasters has released so far. The rum flavoring is not overpowering, but complements the coffee perfectly. We could drink this all day.

    Amanda Ables

  • Vroom vroom! This stuff definitely wakes you up in the morning whether you need a swift kick in the pants or just a slight nudge. You can't go wrong with this smooth, medium roasted blend. Pairs perfectly with any creamer you want!

    Robyn Wise

  • Deeeeelicious!!

    It tastes like an alcoholic coffee dessert! It feels like you shouldn't be drinking it while at work! Lol. The flavor is excellent! I recommend it anyone!

    Melissa Price

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