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How To Brew A Good Cup Of Coffee

How To Brew A Good Cup Of Coffee
Millions of people brew coffee everyday but they're probably making it wrong. Besides buying a quality coffee, the brewing process is the next most important step in getting a good cup out of the "pot".
We'll go over the basic steps and how to get the most out of your coffee experience. If you're going to purchase a high quality coffee like ours, take the time to brew it right.

1.  Your coffee isn’t fresh.

There is nothing worse than a stale cup of coffee, but so many people use coffee that is old and out of date. Coffee is a plant and oxygen is the enemy. If you wait too long, oxygen will start to decay the coffee and the gases responsible for the best flavor in the coffee beans will escape giving you a tasteless and sometimes bitter cup of coffee.
We nitrogen flush and seal our bags to help reduce the rate at which the coffee will decay. Once opened the coffee should be stored in an airtight container and used with a week of opening.

2.  You aren’t buying quality coffee.

As they say, you get what you pay for, and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to coffee. While that supermarket bargained price "Big Name" coffee might seem attractive to your wallet, that doesn’t mean your taste buds will agree. Purchasing a quality coffee from a specialty or artisinal roaster like us will help ensure you're getting a quality coffee to start.

3.  You are not measuring the proper amount of coffee.

Don't just toss in a "good" amount into your brewer.  While it may be difficult in the mornings, if you want a truly spectacular cup of coffee, take the time to measure out the proper amount of coffee for the amount of water you are using.

4.  Poor brewing methods.

Different brewing methods create different quality cups of coffee. While that Mr. Coffee or Keurig may seem like an easy way to get a cup of java, it isn’t necessarily the best way. We suggest a French Press for a better cup of coffee.

5.  Your water isn’t the proper temperature.

Ideally, your water temperature should be between 195 and 205 degrees during brewing. This allows for the water to properly extract the flavor from the coffee bean so you taste all flavors and accents the coffee was roasted for to bring out in each cup. Use a thermometer for your water or bring your water to a boil and then allow it to cool for a couple of minutes before using it.

6.  You are using cold coffee.

While freezing may be a great way to store food, it isn’t good for your coffee. The freezing process actually robs the coffee of some of its gases that help give it its taste. Refrigeration is also bad as condensation can occur robbing the coffee of freshness and taste. Using proper storage methods for your coffee is the way to go.

7.  What are you drinking it out of.

This may not sound very important, but what you put your coffee in can impact the taste. Never use that styrofoam or plastic cup. Always use high quality mug designed specifically for hot liquids like coffee.

8.  Your added ingredients are poor quality.

Whether you add cream, sugar, or maybe both to your coffee, make sure you choose high quality and natural ingredients and don’t choose the budget creamers and sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners will dramatically change the taste of the coffee and can even turn good high quality coffees bad. Real sugar and fresh milk or high quality cream is the way to go. Don't sacrifice a few extra calories for a bad cup of coffee.

9.  You are using bad water.

While you may think that tap water is all you need for your coffee maker, this water often contains minerals that can alter the taste of coffee during the brewing process. Instead, use purified or filtered water to make the best tasting brews.


We hope this information will help you purchase, store and brew a better cup of coffee. If you enjoyed this article then you should also check out our article about How To Use The Drip Method To Brew The Perfect Cup of Coffee!