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Premium Coffee

Why Drink Coffee Blah Coffee?

We know there's no reason to drink bad coffee, especially if you're using your hard earned money and time to order it. While we create the coolest looking bags and have awesome stories on each one for you to explore, what good is it if what's inside the bag is awful?

We truly are coffee nerds and spend our time making sure that the Arabica beans we purchase to roast are always the highest quality. Our roasting process also ensures that each coffee is very smooth drinking with no bitterness or harsh aftertaste. It's also strong enough to hold up to being brewed for iced coffee for those iced coffee fanatics!

You can not only taste but see for yourself by checking our whole beans compared to other coffees. Our beans are all uniform in size showing a consistent grade as well as a uniform color which shows a consistency in the roasting process. If the beans you get from another company are all different sizes and colors it shows they mix lower grade beans in with some higher grades to cut down on costs and produce an inferior product. 

We also work with our flavor specialist to ensure each flavor is unique to us and has a pleasant aroma and taste. You won't find any of that weird chemical aftertaste in any of our flavored coffees. We also lightly flavor each roast so you aren't just smacked in the face with an overpowering flavor. Why pay for a premium coffee if you can't taste the great roast behind the flavor! We don't hide bad coffee behind some powerful flavoring.

Brew Your Happy Place!
-Erick & Marlene

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