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We're Coffee Nerds

Creating Coffees For Geeks Like Us

We're just a husband and wife coffee nerd team with a dream and a love of good coffee.
We started this little crazy coffee company to share our love of a great cup of coffee, theme parks, movies and stories. Drinking an amazing cup of coffee especially with friends/family can be such memorable experience that we wanted to take it even further and immerse you in visual artwork and thrilling stories to blend with the aromatic and taste experience of drinking coffee.
Each one of these senses when activated can bring back fond memories of past experiences and we hope that each sip can evoke not only past memories but help create new ones and get you lost in our coffee adventures.

We get overly excited each time we start to create a new themed coffee that we can't wait to share it with you to see how you experience it. Because at the end of the day we're just coffee nerds wanting to share our passion with fellow coffee geeks who get excited about the same coffee and stories.
It's also why we're creating our Coffeeverse™ to expand on our stories and create new interactive events and series to get you more involved in the adventure and ultimately just have a great time drinking an sharing our coffees together.

Erick & Marlene Q&A

What’s your favorite coffee flavor?
Erick: Non flavored - Route 66, Flavored - Happily Never After
Marlene: Non flavored - Thunderstruck, Flavored - Skipper’s Brew

What’s your favorite movie?
Erick: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Marlene: Grease

Favorite ride at Disney or favorite park?
Erick: Disney - Jungle Cruise, Universal - Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure
Marlene: Disney - Matterhorn Bobsleds, Universal - Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Favorite characters / books / comics / etc
Erick: Batman, Punisher or any noir genre books
Marlene: Harry Potter and gothic genre books

Cakes and Candies
Happily Never After
Alcohol Blends
Fortune and Glory
Specialty Roasts
Dark Side Roast
Alcohol Coffees
Fortune and Glory