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Jolliest Bunch of A$$holes

Seasonal Winter Edition Roast 

Aren’t the holidays wonderful? Yummy turkey dinners, big Christmas trees, and if you’re lucky, dogs and cats to add to the family fun. Meow!
Well, while you may have had enough of all that, you certainly can’t have enough of our newest holiday brew. An eggnog fueled roast to get you through those family Christmas vacations.
So sit back, enjoy a cup and don’t worry….everything will be just
fine once Santa squeezes down the chimney…

Disclaimer: While finding what’s left of your in-law’s cat once it’s chewed through the holiday lights can certainly add some spark to your holiday and a rampant squirrel running through the Christmas tree is certainly funny as all get-up, we can not be responsible if you laugh so hard that our coffee comes out your nose.


  • Eggnog Flavor
  • Medium Roast Blend
  • 100% High Altitude Grown South American Arabica Beans
  • Tru Taste Coffee Flavor
  • Gluten Friendly
  • Allergen Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Zip-lock Closure System
  • 12oz Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
keturah, turner,
Favorite Coffee

I was very skeptical to try this coffee flavor, because I have tried this numerous times at other places even Starbucks and beans and brews . The flavor was off and weak! Your eggnog coffee…. I was blown away! The best! I am sharing it with all my coffee drinking friends!

Michelle Thompson
I can feel the holiday love

Drinking the Jolliest Bunch of A$$holes brings me a sense of holiday joy and happiness Clark W. Griswold would enjoy. Dragging my jolly a$$ to work every cold day is not as horrible when drinking this. I too would like to see my boss with a big bow on his head so I can tell him.... Well you know the rest. Holiday isn't here without my Jolliest Bunch of A$$holes. Keep it coming

Linnea Thoresen
Feeling Jolly

Creamy and wonderful. Great coffee for the holidays!

Deborah Moltisanti
Seasonal Approval!

This eggnog roast is fantastic! I ordered it an another flavor as a Christmas gift, but I also got a bag for myself. Glad it did! This was my first order, but you’ve just gained yourself a repeat customer. FYI, I heard about Expedition Roasters after a recommendation in MuggleCast podcast.

Jacqueline Healey
Great Egg Nog Flavor

Really enjoy this flavor. You can taste the egg nog, just right and not over powering.