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About Us

Since 2014 when we started our small specialty coffee shop to provide not only outstanding coffee and unmatched customer service, but also to create a story driven experience. By combining our premium hand crafted coffees with art and backstories we pioneered what we call Themed Coffees™ for a unique immersive coffee experience.
Like coffee, story telling is universal and brings people together to create a shared experience. So brew up a pot and invite friends and family to share in the story of our coffees as well as the stories you will share over a cup. It's not just coffee, it's an adventure.

The stunning artwork on our bags are created by guest artists and features a tale of adventure making each bag a collectible in and of its self. Each roast or tea blend is carefully selected to compliment the theme and story of each bag. Expedition Roasters quality is not just a perfectly roasted coffee or crafted tea for your life, but a passion we're happy to share with you.

A love of great coffee and a passion for story and art is what sets our coffees and teas apart from the rest. With Expedition Roasters, there's an adventure in every bag. To learn more about how we strive to bring sustainability to our business, click here.



Our Coffees

Our coffees are made from selectively sourced premium and specialty grade arabica beans which provide the absolute best flavor and aroma. Select roasts come directly from a single estate farm for a truly perfect cup. We roast using state of the art smaller batch methods to provide a consistent flavor with no bitter aftertaste.

Our coffees are Vegan and Allergen Friendly. Our flavored coffees are produced from flavoring using natural and natural like extracts with no added carbohydrates or sugars.

Seasonal blends and limited edition roasts are available in limited quantities throughout the year. We are always adding and trying out new roasts and flavors so be sure to let us know what your favorite is so we can continue to make it available.


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Brew Your Happy Place is a registered trade mark of Expedition Roasters, LLC.

Bobsledder's Brew, Skipper's Brew Jungle Banana Pie, Happily Never After, Ghoulish Delight, Main Street U.S.A. Colombian, Enchanted Tiki Coconut, Roundup Roast Campfire S'mores, Redhead Rum, Poison Candy Apple, Pumpkin King Spice, Plus Ultra Vanilla, Prospector's Roast, The Happiest Brew That Ever Sailed, Simply Sinful, Fortune and Glory, Route 66 Tire Fix, Dark Side Roast, Cunning Caramel Crunch, Booksmart Blueberry, Bighearted Butterscotch, Charming Chocolate Cherry, Wonderland Coffee Crumb Cake, Prospector's Roast Gold Rush Churro, Hook’s Revenge, Devilish Dame, Voodoo Brew, Ink and Paint, Groggy Joe, Beans From Outer Space, Thunderstruck, Jolliest Bunch of Assholes, Carroll Shelby Race Roast, Accio Coffee, Practically Perfect Tea, Second Star To The Right Tea, We're All Mad Here Tea, Passion Fruit Splash Tea are Trademarks of Expedition Roasters.



Our rescue dogs "Freya", "Bucky" and "Indy"